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About Digiline

Digiline is a lean Chicago based development firm. We're currently taking on client projects and providing meaningful impact in 1 week sprints.


  • iOS, Android, Flutter, and any frontend web like React and Svelete
  • Rust, Python, SQL, Mongo, Django, AI/ML, IoT, Smart Contracts
  • AWS, Containerization Orchstration, Serverless, Self Hosted or Cloud

What ever your dev needs are
We can do it ALL

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Recently Completed Projects

  • SwiftUI iOS protoype development for a FinTech startup. Patent pending interface for a novel price selection mechanic.

  • 100% On-Chain Multiplayer Blockchain game written with smart contracts and 2D web game engine.

  • Platform and Server Optimization for a local Chicago delivery company that led to 80% reduction of server costs and 10 to 30x improvement in API response times.

  • and much more

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